Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Treating Myself Carefully

A little while back I talked about needing to allow quiet and stillness. Part of that for me is treating myself well so that I feel rested and not stressed out, making it easier for me to ease into silence.

Tonight was one of those rare nights when I didn't have to cook dinner. It was nice to come home and just relax.

After dinner I did some needed filing work and cleaning in my bedroom (remember that a clean space is one that I find less stressful), but I also drank tea (a gift mailed from Czech by a friend!), put a clay mask on my face, and then took a long hot shower.

I'm taking time to play a game for a while, and watch a bit of a television show I enjoy.

I'll go to bed at a decent hour.

I'll make the time to work through my nightly devotional and to pray a little.

And I'll be oh so grateful to remember that today was slightly better at work than yesterday, and that tomorrow is my last day at the office for this week.

And that there will be moments of quiet, and likely moments of great joy over the long weekend of time for rest and restoration that I've scheduled for myself.

Treating myself carefully generally pays off. I'm hoping that will be true this week as well.