Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thinking and Praying...

I'm praying...
  • for an upcoming "milestone" of sorts
  • in anticipation of plans for the next few days of rest
  • for a variety of friends and family attending a great conference for the next few days
  • for understanding as I continue to process some events from the weekend
  • for a heart that is okay with a mind that doesn't understand
  • with gratefulness for the continued rain and refreshing
  • with a thankful heart for a couple of nights in a row of sleep that was relatively uniterrupted and dreamless (that combination doesn't come often for me)
  • with the smile that comes from knowing I'm loved
  • while thinking about a heart that is growing more peaceful
  • while reading various news headlines
  • with regret over past comments
  • and the hope of not speaking from insecurity and causing hurt in the future
  • with a heart that is feeling some joy and hope again
  • for persecuted believers around the world, after reading an email and a news article that called them again to mind
  • for friends from around the blogging world, whose struggles and needs are known or unknown
  • for patience for one more day at the office


shallowfrozenwater said...

attagirl! (you don't know me well enough to know that EVERYONE deserves an "attaboy" or an "attagirl" more often than they actually get one).
thank you for your prayers .
i was thrilled by the "for a heart that is okay with a mind that doesn't understand" statement. that rings close to home.
i just wanted to speak to this stuff.

Lisa said...

ah. you made me smile. thanks :)

and yeah, more thoughts on the being okay with not understanding likely to come later today or sometime over the weekend.