Friday, August 07, 2009

The Starting Plan

It's my birthday, and I have a thing about being another year older. It always seems like some kind of victory to me. (Maybe it helps that since I was about 7 I've been accused of being a bit old for my age, so every year older I turn, I feel like I'm slipping more easily into the person I've been for a lot of years already, and that as I get older it's easier for others to accept that person since she increasingly fits the age and body that she exists within.)

Anyway, here's the starting plan for the day.

I'm actually planning to spend the vast majority of the day doing errands and various things that I love. I'm headed out at the moment for the farmer's market to find some breakfast and soak up some color. I'll be stopping at the bank before I do that. I'm following that plan up with a trip to a local store to hunt for a belt (I badly need one), and a trip to the AMA to renew George's insurance for another year. Sometime today I'm hoping to go to the Catholic bookstore. I need to buy a birthday card for a friend who's celebrating tomorrow. I might go to the zoo, or to a cemetery that I love to walk in. I borrowed a great camera from my dad, so I'll be taking pictures at various spots along the way as well. And then, tonight, I'm having dinner with my family and roommate. Followed by a trip out somewhere with my brother and his girlfriend.

It has the makings for a great day - lots of little errands and things to be accomplished. Some favorite people and places. And lots of flexibility.

And by the way, it's Friday, and I'm not at work! And, I'm not missing casual Friday even a tiny little bit! Because jeans at home and out and about in the city always trumps jeans at work!


shallowfrozenwater said...

blessings on your day.
the older i get the more i realize that numbers don't matter one iota. feel good, feel blessed.