Tuesday, August 04, 2009


So, here are just a few of the things my weekend contained. I really can't find words to capture just how truly surreal it was. I think you'd need to have been living in my shoes for the last couple years to truly catch all of the undercurrents. It really was full of the sorts of things that happen in my dreams, rather than when I was awake. But here is a mini word snapshot in list form... (pictures coming when I get some time to sort and upload them - hopefully tonight.)

The weekend contained:
  • snafus with the hostel booking resulting in L. and I being in separate rooms
  • neither of our "female only" dorm rooms ending up being "female only"
  • a drunken guy being put to bed (half clothed! at least the right half was clothed!) in my room
  • visits to several vineyards
  • some spectacular scenery
  • way too much heat (it was around 39 degrees celcius on Saturday)
  • tears at really unexpected moments
  • a sort of "full circle" occurrence that has left me reeling a bit
  • two stops at "The Dutchman Dairy"
  • swimming in Lake Okanagan
  • one hug that was rather healing
  • an unexpected time of prayer
  • searching for a quiet beach only to have a wedding nearby
  • the nearby wedding having a live band
  • sitting on the shore of a Western lake with an East Coast band playing traditional music in the background
  • 20-22 hours of driving all told
  • a few nights of missed (or mostly missed) sleep