Saturday, August 15, 2009

Couldn't Pass This Up (Church Signs)

I'll admit to being alternately mildly amused or mostly disgusted by the trend that has emerged in recent years for churches to put attempts at pithy humor on their signboards. (Has anyone ever actually visited a church because the sign read "God answers knee-mail"?)

In any case, as I was driving home tonight, I did a double take and began laughing out loud. May I recommend checking your spelling if you're trying to post wisdom on your church sign board for the world to read. There was a high degree of humorous irony when I read the following on a church sign board near my home:

God is perfect. People make misteaks.

I mean, you see these things on the internet from time to time, but it was just too funny to see this one in person. I'm debating going back tomorrow and taking a photo!