Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Second Half

The second half of my day was decidedly less than productive.

They created a new system for taking messages at our office related to a new product that was launched yesterday. I spent most of my afternoon following this ridiculous procedure for answering a call, taking a message, and then ensuring that the message got to the appropriate person. This, while trying to juggle the responsibilities of my other position.

It was the sort of day I was expecting yesterday, and it was gross.

Thankfully the grocery trip was relatively painless, and only minorly soul-sucking. A good list and staying on task helps.

I got home from that, ate dinner, took a quick shower, and now I'm crashed out in bed with a movie playing in the background while I catch up on a few emails, and basically do as much nothing as possible. I need to rest and (hopefully) sleep tonight. Especially since tomorrow is likely to be filled with the same sorts of challenges at work that today was.