Saturday, July 18, 2009

From today...

Most of today will remain out of the spotlight of the blog, shared perhaps with a few dear friends, or simply held close to my heart.

It was a much needed day. Hard, full, rich, beautiful.

But here are a few thoughts I'm thinking at the end of the day, ranging from the very mundane, to the less mundane:

  • I've lived my whole life near the mountains. I've given others advice on how to dress and/or prepare for the mountain conditions. I've been hiking since I was a very small child. I have very fair skin, and quite recently reminded someone else that when they were climbing a mountain, they needed to take greater care to wear sunscreen, as you burn more quickly at altitude. Did I remember my own advice today? Well, yes and no. I did apply sunscreen, but apparently I did a rather haphazard job of it, and apparently didn't use a high enough SPF (another absolute rookies mistake I should know better than to have made.) The result is that I have badly sunburnt shoulders, semi-badly burnt arms, a badly burnt hand, and a semi badly burnt neck and upper chest (joys of a scoop neck tank top).
  • The fortune from the fortune cookie that came with the Vietnamese take-out I picked up for dinner tonight read: You will step on the soil of many countries in your lifetime. I don't put any stock in those fortunes, but it did make me smile, as a sort of little way of confirming some things I talked with Jesus about today.
  • I shouldn't be surprised that in many ways attending church tonight was a continuation of the conversation I'd been having with Jesus all day. I should have expected that I felt prompted to make it back to the city in time for me to shower (after hiking, I was, to use my kiwi roommate's phrase "grubby") and head for church. But I didn't expect it, and was caught off guard as the service went on.
  • I'm thinking about a line from the Message translation of Psalm 84: "How blessed all those in whom you live, whose lives become roads you travel."
And with that, I think I'll say goodnight and head off to sit with my journal for a time.