Monday, June 08, 2009

Taco pitas, groceries, tea

The title pretty much sums up my evening.

L and I had taco pitas for dinner - basically taco fixings, but in a pita shell.

Then we went grocery shopping.

Followed by a trip to my favorite tea shop in Kensington, accompanied by our other roommate, and one more kiwi, now in town for J's upcoming wedding.

Oh, and if you add "cleaning my navel" (which really is a funny thing to say and makes me laugh every time I think it), you've got the sum total of what I did after work tonight. Because I cleaned my navel twice. Just say that out loud to yourself, "I need to clean my navel," and see if you can keep from laughing at the ridiculous nature of the statement.

Oh, and I downloaded the audio version of "Angry Conversations with God" that I reviewed on the weekend. It's read by the author (who is hilariously funny and a great reader as an actress and comedian) and I'm quite looking forward to revisiting the book over the next week or two in audio form.

And with that, I'm headed for bed. I'm tired, and my neck and back are stiff. It would seem I've unwittingly been tensing my muscles quite a lot as I sleep to prevent myself from flopping onto my belly the way I normally would (and thus causing a bit of pain since I have a piercing there that's only three days old!). I have muscle knots like you wouldn't believe in my neck especially, and they've been causing a headache all day today. So I'm headed for bed, with a heat pack around my neck to ease the muscles a bit, and a hope to sleep a bit less tensely tonight!


Anonymous said...

Pray you sleep tight! My brother is surrounded by a host of Kiwi and Aussie friends normally - maybe he should move your way :-)

We used to get that rolled biscuit stuff (pillsbury) and grease a muffin tin on the BACK side (as in not where you put muffin stuff normally). Then you flatten each one and cover the backside of each muffin cup and bake a minute or two less than normal. Then we'd make tacos in the cups and call them bird nests. We LOVED tacos that way!

Can't wait to listen to the book - maybe on the first flight tomorrow!

Big hugs!

Lisa said...

Enjoy the book.

Ooo... and I like that idea for tacos... might have to give that a try :)

safe flights, luggage traveling with you, and prayers for a fantastic trip!

big hugs back!