Saturday, June 06, 2009

D-Day, Snow, and other early morning thoughts

Today is the 65th anniversary of D-Day. Take just a moment to stop and remember the sacrifice of those soldiers all those years ago. And just a moment to be thankful.

It's snowing. Actual white stuff accumulating on the grass. Thankfully not accumulating very much, but still, it's snowing. I blame my dad. When he goes to Africa, we unfailingly get snow. (It's true that he usually goes in January, when snow is a bit more expected, but still...)

Two days ago, it was 74 degrees (F) in our house, and we had the furnace basically turned off. Today, the furnace is running once every hour or two to maintain a temperature of 70 degrees.

I slept oddly last night. There was a decision resting rather heavily on my mind, and I woke at different points with totally different opinions on which way it would go. At the moment I'm feeling quite peaceful about the direction I think it's going to go.

I finished a fantastic book last night. Sometime this weekend I'll be writing a review of sorts on it and sharing it here.

I'm still loving M*A*S*H*. I'm almost through season 5. (I own all 11 seasons on DVD.) I often play it in the background as I'm cleaning, or cooking, or sometimes just as I'm puttering around on the internet.

I just looked to see if there were any good kids cartoons on this morning. Didn't the deal used to be that cartoons started nice and early on Saturday morning, to keep you busy and quiet until mom and dad were ready to get up and start the day? Almost no channels have kids shows this morning, and the ones that do have titles like "Raspberry Jazzberry Jam". The Care Bears are on at 9:30. Maybe I'll watch them, just for old times sake. We used to watch The Care Bears at around noon every day when we were home schooled. The Care Bears, and Inspector Gadget. Those were quality entertainment.

And with that, I'm either going to go find a book to read, or take a nice long shower and start getting ready for the day. I've got some fun plans, as long as my decision making skills don't flip-flop yet again!

More later...