Saturday, May 30, 2009

Uncertain (Saturday Sort-of Plans)

I'm wondering what this day will hold.

I have plans off and on today that have left me feeling uncertain. Not nervous exactly, but tentative.

I woke too early, but was glad, when I caught one roommate before she left for the day, and managed to snag a check from her so that I can pay the telephone and internet bill.

I went to bed quite early last night. I was (sort of) watching a movie with my roommate and her fiancee, and found myself falling asleep on the couch. After tugging myself awake several times, I decided it would be a better idea to simply relocate to bed. And thankfully, I slept.

With many dreams. I've been dreaming about my family a lot lately, and a few friends.

Last night's was odd and poignant.

I woke, and startled for just a moment, staring at the tiny gap of light peeking around the edge of my blind. The tree branches were white, and I was ready to groan, "Snow, really? It was 25 degrees when I went to bed. Will winter never end??" And then coherency returned, and I realized that the crab apple tree outside my bedroom window is in full bloom. White blossoms everywhere. And that certain sign of spring made me smile just a little.

Eventually I tugged myself from bed, and showered, enjoying the fact that thanks to the massage I had last night, I can move my neck with somewhat less pain at the moment.

And, in between the uncertain things of the day, I'm going to clean. To sort through my closet and figure out which clothes are to be kept, and which can go. I'm doing laundry. And I'll take all the excess clothing to a thrift store for re-use or re-sale.

I have a writing project in mind, that I'd like to find time to sit and work on.

I may go grocery shopping.

And I want to plow forward in the book I'm reading.

I may go for a wander in the park.