Tuesday, May 05, 2009

In Between Thoughts

I'm home for half an hour or so, in between work and a dinner engagement with a long-time friend. We try to see each other every month or two, for dinner. Lots of laughter, and sarcasm are always included. And usually some shopping. Tonight is cheap pasta night ($7.99 Entree's baby!) at a really good local restaurant, so we're going to go and eat and laugh and catch up.

I slept terribly last night. And by slept, I mean, despite taking the appropriate amounts of supplements, I was mostly awake. Or tossing my way in and out of moments of dreaming.

Today at work was full. I like full days that seem to just fly by. And in most ways, I'm loving my new job. I like having the ability to take initiative, and see my suggestions acted upon. I love the planning aspects for future events. I love the varied nature of it. And I love having an office with a window. Today I did everything from putting postage on envelopes, to filing, to answering phones, to making advertising inquiries, to ordering promotional items, to requesting proposals from a variety of facilities for a conference we're hosting next year. Oh, and I explained how central food is to any Mennonite event to someone who wasn't familiar with this idiosyncrasy.

I also managed to likely ruin the brand new white bohemian blouse I was so excited about on the weekend by getting red ink from the postage machine all over the front of it. Tide to go, spray and wash, and the laundry will tell the story, but it's looking like I'll be purchasing a new, new white bohemian blouse. Ah well, that way if the laundering works, I'll have two, and they'll last a while.

I'm thankful for a day that was filled with less heart-hurting conversations than yesterday. I don't know if I could have taken two days in a row like that right now.

I'm thinking about the difference between choosing to disagree about something while still showing respect versus disagreeing about something and treating the other individual like they are less valuable, or less intelligent if they fail to agree with you.

I walked out of the office to discover that it was raining. Not very much, but just enough that the air smelled clean and fresh. I love the smell of rain.

And with that, I think I'll go check on the progress of my blouse in the laundry, and finish getting ready to head out the door!