Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thinking grown-up things...

My facebook status for a while today read "Lisa is thinking boring adult things today".

I've had enough health problems this last year that it was time to make some decisions. And, because of a variety of circumstances, there were a number of "stuff of life" things that had been put off. So, I spent today thinking about "boring adult" things.

Things like:
  • getting to the medical appointment on time, and being sure to discuss the appropriate concerns with the doctor, and then getting the follow up blood work done.
  • filling a prescription
  • sorting out a method for keeping track of vitamins and supplements and ensuring that I remember to take them
  • figuring out some diet stuff (some seemingly obvious things like I'm going to lay off eating a few things that I regularly consume but have some mild allergies or sensitivities to).
  • getting the oil changed in my car. and considering that I need the power steering fluid changed next month.
  • a variety of errands
  • doing laundry.
  • house-cleaning
  • cooking dinner
  • calling the utility company with questions about a bill
And on it went. To be fair, I've thought about most of these things before, and I'm certainly not complaining about them, just reflecting on how, even two years ago, none of these sorts of things would have even crossed my radar. Whereas today, all of them where quite important to deal with in their own ways. Does that, along with the fact that I'll now eat mushrooms and love hummus mean I'm a grown up???