Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hope (restored?)

This is a photo of a bottle of wine I brought home with me. A gift from the friend I was visiting over the last number of days. We've spent much of the last year talking about hope. I have no idea where she found this particular wine, just that she has a gift for finding these sorts of things.

I'm not totally sure how to sum up the weekend.

It was beautiful. And hard. And freeing. And so very needed.

Full of hugs and prayer.

The airport shuttle driver who picked me up this morning asked me if I was going home, or leaving home.


New things. Hope being restored. Oh I pray so.


Anonymous said...

I still like that bottle of wine. So fun. Hope, and hope restored - still so very much on my mind and heart. Thinking of you a lot today. Hope you have enjoyed your reading and mugs of tea. S.