Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Full Evening

I came home from work.

I cooked dinner for my roommate L. and I, like I do most nights. Tonight was beef stir fry with lots of fresh vegetables and Shanghai noodles.

Together we did some baking.

The sacrament of Banana bread.

And oatmeal cookies. With butterscotch chips.

I chatted online with a dear friend for a bit.

And on the phone with another friend, making plans to attend services together at various places on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. And to spend some time laughing and drinking tea and catching up on Thursday night after the service.

And on the phone with my mom.

And then I showered and crawled into bed early. To do the Lenten devotionals that are drawing to a close. To catch up on some emails.

And to go to bed early.

It was a rather full evening, but not rushed. A nice change in the pace of weeks that have been stressful and rushed and full of struggle and pain.