Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bizarre week

This has been a bit of a bizarre week.

On the work front.

On the personal front.

On the emotional and spiritual fronts.

On the health front.

I really don't have words for it.

Because of that, in combination with the work conference I have this weekend, it'll likely be quieter around here for a bit. I'm leaning towards sharing bits and pieces of other people's thoughts, while I work to sort out my own thoughts.

I ran around the office today like a crazy person, pulling together nearly all of the last minute details for a conference my company is hosting this weekend. 200 delegate packages, and a hundred spouse and guest packages took shape today, and I'm thankful for those who pitched in to make that happen.

In the midst of that I also had a long and very honest conversation with my boss. It will be interesting to see how some things play out in the coming weeks.

I have a few hours in the office tomorrow morning before heading to the mountains for the conference. A few last minute things to get done, then an hour and a half or so of driving.

And then? Then I'll be spending the next two days or so at a five star hotel in the mountains. With 330 or so Mennonites. Should be an adventure!